We can better say it right away; returning an order is not possible. Buying software online is different from ordering a random packet from your favourite online shop.

We deliver product keys that you use to activate your software purchase. Once the product key has been delivered, it is impossible for us to check whether you have used it or not. Returning a product key is therefore not possible. We can never sell that product key again, simply because we don't know if it has already been used. We are as transparent as possible and that is why we show the conditions that you have to agree with when you place the order. Because it is mandatory, we mention it in our general conditions, but also in the European, Belgian and Dutch legislation this is determined (European Directive 2011/83/EU Art. 16-i).

So therefore (and we can't say it often enough); if you want to be sure of what you are getting into; find a trial version of the programme. Almost all brands offer a trial version that you can test for a while. As soon as you are satisfied with the operation, come back and buy it officially.

You don't buy a new car without a test drive either. Be wise and also take a test drive with the programme you have in mind. That can prevent disappointment.

When it comes to renewing an existing subscription, there is little to worry about. You already know what you are using, you know that it works and then you can buy a product key from us to renew your subscription.